Facebook Marketing Course in New Delhi Uttam Nagar

What is Facebook Marketing?

We all know what is Facebook. Facebook is a social media application that is fully free for all users. On this platform, you can create your account with your mobile number or Email ID. When you create your account you can start chatting, start share videos, images, blogs, etc. here you can also get the feature of an audio or video call. Through this feature, you can do audio or video call with your special one and share your images, videos, text, etc. Facebook is available in several languages.

As we have known, we can do our business also on the online platform (digital marketing) and we can advertise our products or services where the maximum audience comes we know how much Facebook is popular among users or more the 2 million, users visit Facebook every day. here you can promote your business and expand your business as well by using this online platform (Facebook marketing).

Now Facebook is a very popular platform to do online business marketing.

Facebook provides a platform where you can meet both national and international people. You can share videos, images, text, etc. anything you can share with your friends as your wish only sitting at your home. Facebook currently become a good big platform for business marketing. Through this, you can advertise your product or services very easily and also promote your business. You can run several types of ads. Related to your business which helps you to reach a huge amount of audience and bring traffic to your brand in a very short time. If you have your website, then you can create traffic to your website by just running ads. On the Facebook.

Significance of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a social media marketing platform. You can promote your business or product you can get many benefits for it such as

• Facebook has more than 2 million users and is increasing day to day. Now Facebook become a big platform for marketing. So if you are promoting your business or brand or product then definitely your business increase as soon as possible because Facebook provides a format of Groups, pages, and Ads for marketing.

• On Facebook you can get a lot of live users. Most users open Facebook applications through mobile so you can easily target mobile users while running ads that will be related to your business.

• You can also increase your brand awareness by taking the help of Facebook. By running ads on the Facebook application you can tell what offer you have for your customer you also provide all product information through the ads. Through this, you can increase traffic for your product and you can sell more products to the customer.

• By Facebook, you can be targeted where you want to sell your product and whom you want to sell to.

• If you compare all the online marketing platforms you found Facebook is very cheaper to run an advertisement for your product or service or more effective than another online platform. Here you can grab more customers in very less time.

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Nowadays Facebook become a very popular platform to do marketing. And Facebook marketing helps students to learn all the key points to do marketing on Facebook.

Who will learn the Facebook Marketing course?

Facebook marketing courses are best for those who want to leverage their business and want to pursue their future in it such as

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Marketing professionals
  • Career switchers
  • Job hunter
  • Startups
  • Freelancer
  • Part-time workers

Benefits of learning Facebook Marketing Courses

• You can learn how to grow your business on Facebook

• Learn how to create a community using Facebook Marketing Strategy

• Learn from an industry expert tutor

• Gets job-oriented training

• Gets free demo sessions

• Gets live projects

• Get case studies etc. and much more

• You can learn how to grow your business on Facebook

• Learn how to create a community using Facebook Marketing Strategy

• Learn from an industry expert tutor

• Gets job-oriented training

• Gets free demo sessions

• Gets live projects

• Get case studies etc. and much more

Eligibility required for this course

• Knowledge of basic computer skills

• Internet knowledge

• Knowledge of websites

• Basic communication skills

• Must have writing skills

Syllabus of Facebook Marketing Course

• Introduction of Facebook

• Facebook journey

• Facebook Options for Business

• Facebook Pages: learn how to Set up Facebook Business Page

• Facebook Groups: learn how to Set up and Business Use

• Facebook Event: learn how to Set up Event Use and Best Practices

• Facebook Marketplace: you can learn How to use Facebook Marketplace

• Facebook Business Manager

• Publishing, Scheduling Post

• Facebook Insights

• Facebook Productivity Tools

• Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events Policies

• Learn how to run a Facebook Ad Campaign structure, Ad objectives, and Targeting

• Learn how to create Facebook Ad placements, Ad formats, and Budgeting

• Learn how to do Facebook Ad Performance, Testing, and Tools

• Learn all about Ad Manager and the Facebook Ads Interface

• Learn how to Create your ad from Campaign to Ad Set to Ad on your websites.

• Ad Formats and Ad Creative

• Approving Your Facebook Ad

• Targeting on Facebook

• Facebook Audiences – Create a Custom Audience

• Facebook Audiences – Create a Lookalike Audience

• Facebook Audiences – Create a Saved Audience

Highlight keys of Facebook Marketing Courses

• Get a Live Instructor Led Classroom

• Provides Mock tests and free materials

• Gets Smart Classroom • Gets 100% Placement opportunities

Facebook Marketing Course Certificate

Facebook marketing course is a certificate-level course. When you finish your Facebook marketing course you will get a course completion certificate. This certificate will rise your confidence and do the job where you want.

Career scope of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media platform to do online marketing. Digital marketers have very much interested to hire a Facebook specialist because those who have the correct knowledge of Facebook marketing can easily create traffic for their business or company.

What skill you can learn after this course (Facebook Marketing Course)?

After completing of Facebook Marketing Courses you can learn how to expand your business, and you can understand the analytics to target. You learn many things such as

• You can learn How to grow a business using Facebook as a major tool.

• You learn the importance of personal branding and lead generation.

• You will also learn expertise in the concept of remarketing.

• You will learn clear insights into Facebook

• You can also learn how to analyze the success rate.


Hope you understand about Facebook marketing, about Facebook Marketing course. Now Facebook is a chain for business communication. This platform provides businesses with an opportunity to make good positions at a loss cost and get high returns in less time.

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