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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that provides all data of the users. Google Analytics is a tool that tracks all activity of the users on websites.

Google Analytics track user where coming from, and which keywords are used by the users. Which posts are liked by the users on your websites?

In simple word, we can say that Google Analytics help to track the activity of the users such as which post is read by the users and how long users give time to read the blog. Most important it also tracks users coming from which state, city, or country.

Also track which browser, and which screen resolution size are used by the user. How many new users come to your websites and how many regular users visit your websites? Which online platform is used by the users such as social media platform, SEO platform, SEO platform, or any other platform or website?

Uses of Google Analytics

There are many important uses of Google Analytics some are as follows

1. Identify the behavior of Visitors/users – Google Analytics Tools is used to identify the behavior of the visitors because in this Google Analytics, we get many tools to understand the behavior of the visitors coming to your websites and by this, we take steps according to the visitor’s behaviors so the visitors can be connected to you a very long time.

2. Improve SEO of the websites– you get many tools in Google Analytics to verify the errors that occur in your websites. When you get an error in your website your page doesn’t get ranking so this is very important to identify the error as soon as possible to find the error Google Analytics helps you in a great way and then you can improve your SEO of the website.

3. To understand the visitors- this is also used to understand the requirement of the visitors. By understanding the need of visitors you can easily customize your websites and you can reach a real and huge amount of audience for your websites.

4. Known the traffic of the websites– by using Google Analytics you can easily know about the traffic of the websites, you know all information about the day, week, month, and year traffic of the websites so, you can do your work according to coming traffic on the websites.

5. Track real-time active visitors- There are no other tools that exist to track Real-Time Active visitors with the help of Google Analytics you can track Real Time Visitors to websites with very maintain accuracy.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has many benefits such as

1. Google Analytics services are free for everyone, it’s easy to use and fresher friendly.

2. Google Analytics provide various type of metrics and customization dimensions.

3. This includes many useful tools such as data visualization, monitoring, reporting, predictive analytics, etc.

4. Google analytics maintains the accuracy of the data.

5. Google Analytics helps to understand the need of visitors by the help of Google Analytics you upload a blog according to your visitor’s needs and this create traffic on your website most important visitors connect to your websites for a long time. And this process creates good earnings for you.

Google Analytics course

We know that Google Analytics is the prime tool to collect all activity data of the users. whether you are a small blogger, you have a big organization or you are house maker if you are a website on an online platform then this Google Analytics help to track the activity of the user.

And this becomes very important in how Google Analytics tools work. Google Analytics provides a path to access the data of users. You can see from where users can come, which kinds of content are most demanded, and most important your website will work for you or not.

This Google Analytics training will be very important who have running whether own websites or have the desire to run their business in online markets or want to understand the dynamic features of online marketing. This course will be very important to run their business on the online platform.

If you want to learn Google Analytics then you should learn this course training after completing this course you will become more confident in your business fields and create more employment.

Who can do Google Analytics training?

Google Analytics Training is best for those who want to expand their skill and make their future in digital marketing. This course is suitable for

  • Digital Marketing members
  • Marketing managers
  • Product and brand managers
  • Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Web designer
  • Web developer

What do you learn from Google Analytics?

  • In Google Analytics course training you can learn such as
  • You can learn how to use Google Analytics setup.
  • You can learn all the fundamentals of Google Analytics.
  • You can learn how to examine data concerning visits and visitors, bounce rates, and traffic sources.
  • You can learn how to identify which are high-traffic keywords.
  • You can learn how to track sales with Google Analytics
  • You can learn how to identify all problems with your sites by defining a funnel for each of your targets.
  • You can learn how to implement Google Analytics tracking code to an excellent report on your site.
  • Learn how to create conversion funnels and analysis objectives
  • Learn how to create Google Analytics Reports and Custom Reports.

Google Analytics Course Syllabus

Introduction of Google Analytics

Analytics vs intuition

What Analytics?

How Google Analytics works

Navigation Google Analytics

Google Analytics Intergration

Traffic Sources

Dimension and Metrics


Goals AND e-commerce

Actionable insights and the Big Picture

Live Data





Google Analytics training and Certification

When students complete their Google Analytics course and passed all the exams in Google Analytics the institute provides a certificate after completing the course for all the candidates.

What Eligibility is required to do Google Analytics Course Training?

• Candidate must have basic knowledge of computers, the internet, and websites.

Google Analytics course provides benefits to-

• Freshers


• Digital Marketers

• Web Designer

• Web developer

• Product maker

• Brand managers

Some important features of Google Analytics course training.

• This course is well structured and best for the industry-relevant course.

• Gets experienced and specialized faculty

• Get per day one live projects

• Done periodic evaluation

• Placement 100%


Do you want to pursue your career in Google Analytics and then go ahead without thinking much? When you do this course you will get an expert and experienced teacher who will be taught you and make you an expert in digital analytics. Through the help of this course, you get placement 100% at the top level. When you complete this courses you never be jobless.

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