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What is PPC?

PPC stands for “pay per click”. We say that this is a digital advertising platform where the advertiser pays a fee each time when one of their ads is clicked. In this, you are paying only for targeted visits to your website. when PPC is working in the right way, the fee is triple due to the click being worth more than what you pay for that. Just take one example to better understand this situation, suppose you pay $2 for one click, but the click results in a $200 sale. By this, you’ve made a hefty profit.

PPC ads come in different shapes and sizes and also it is made up of a combination of images, text, and videos. This all features appear on search engines, websites, social media, and more. We know that search engine advertising called paid search or search is one of the most popular forms of PPC.

How PPC advertising does work?

Advertising of PPC always looks different from platform to platform, some important processes are as follows below:-

  1. First you choose your campaign type based on your objectives.
  2. Sets your targeting like an audience, device, location, schedule, etc.
  3. Gives your budget and bidding strategy.
  4. Then input your destination URL.

Some benefits of PPC

Here are some benefits of PPC are as follows below: –

  • By using keywords your targets client are searching for online, you can also target your PPC advertising.
  • With the help of pay when someone visitors click your ads. This leads them to the landing page on your website, where you get opportunities to convince them to buy a product.
  • According to your mind, you can set an advertising bid based on how much a visitor is worth to your business.
  • You can set an advertising budget restriction to control expenditures.

You can compare different alternatives from time to time and keep your’s eyes on how each advertising campaign is working.

What is Google Ads?

This came firsts time existence in October 2000 as Google Adwords, but after some changes, in 2018 it was renamed Google Ads. Nowadays these platforms become the most used search engine on the planet Google. This is very difficult to ignore Google’s traffic. Social networking networks have joined paid advertising on offering possibilities. Facebook, Twitter, and many more are popular. Another is droll. Seeing how different PPC channels helps to choose the best one.

Simply, we can say that Google ads are a platform where you can use to advertise your business to grow efficiently or effectively which is help to sell products or services, raise awareness, and increase traffic to your’s website.

How PPC works in Google Ads

When advertisers are created ads., they use to choose a set of keywords to target with that ads and put a bid on each keyword. Generally, Google uses a set of formulas and an auction-style process to decide which ads get to appear for any one search. if your ads get to enter into the auction, then it will you give a first quality score from 1 to 10 based on your’s ads’ relevance to the keyword, expected click-through rate, and landing page quality.

This will multiply your quality score by your maximum bid to determine, what your ads get rank. Through this advertisers gets opportunities to reach potential customers at low budgets.

How do we start a PPC Campaign?

  1. First set a good Goal like- sales, sign-ups, inquiries, etc.
  2. Search where you want to put your PPC campaign.
  3. Set bids for keywords according to your daily or monthly budgets.
  4. Made PPC ads and connect that to a relevant landing page.
  5. Now you learn about how to work, then tweak your keywords.

Some different PPC platforms

Above we learn about PPC and how its works. Now it’s time to know about some different PPC platforms and which platforms give the best results. Here are multiple channels that imply running PPC adverts in multiple places.

Google Ads

This is the most used search engine on google. Google traffic is very difficult to ignore. social networking networks have met to paid advertising, with reasonable possibilities. This is helpful to see how different PPC channels work and helps to choose the best one.

Facebook Ads

It is also the biggest PPC ads platform. this requires a company presence. In this advertisers can targets only certain demographics on the network. Ads can appear on pages where visitors are interested in the same product or services.

What are PPC tools

PPC marketing required an effective amount of optimization, design, and research for this is where PPC tools may help

  • SEMrush- this helps the user by providing keywords to advance their PPC marketing strategies. It provides through keywords research ideas and fulfills all the demands of users
  • Ad Badger- this tool is used by marketers who can run advertisements on Amazon. Provides intelligent software solutions for maximum optimization and keyword management. This is also providing staff training which distinguishes it from other PPC tools.

Name of amazing courses on PPC marketing

  1. Learn PPC marketing like Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, and more
  2. CPA marketing with PPC advertising
  3. How to run digital marketing ads by using Google AdWords express.
  4. Intro to spyfu like digital marketing, SEO, and PPC tools.
  5. Marketing tools.
  6. Introduction to Ahrefs.
  7. Digital marketing
  8. Digital advertising strategy specialization.
  9. Native advertising.
  10. Marketing management.


PPC is much essential for online business benefits and a vital ingredient for a successful digital marketing campaign. Many small business owners maximize the benefits of PPC. They drop out on meaningful opportunities to grow their online business fast in a controlled and effective manner. Through Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter, etc. PPC advertising is an amazing way to quickly reach your potential customers and boost your products or service.

Hence, this is important to must take up a PPC course or PPC certification course before if you want to put your hands on PPC marketing.

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