WordPress Training Course in New Delhi Uttam Nagar

WordPress training course

Meaning of WordPress

WordPress is open-source software that is used to make an online website. WordPress is written in ”PHP” and ”MYSQL” forms. In simple words, this provides the most powerful blogging and website content management system.

This platform is much more suitable for non-teaching people. In this, there is no required coding knowledge to create Website and Blog.

Like WordPress, there are many content management systems (CMS) for example, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr, etc. But WordPress is more popular OR user friendly as compared to other CMS. 30% of the world’s websites are made through WordPress Only.

Because WordPress is an open-source project that’s why thousands of volunteers around the world are constantly updating the core of WordPress, making it better and improving its code. Apart from this, there are thousands of Plugins, widgets, and themes available that help you to create any type of website that you can imagine.

Importance of WordPress

I. WordPress is open source

Its important part is that this is an open-source CMS. Which is make it easy to use for anyone. In this, you can modify and distribute the code. To use this there is no requirement for any license.

II. More of User Friendly

WordPress is very user friendly and also easy to use. You don’t need to become a developer to use this. You can create a website on WordPress without having coding knowledge. In this, proper instructions have been given for everything so that the user can understand easily.

III. Inbuilt SEO Facility

Intrusting things is, in WordPress, there is already an SEO facility inbuilt. SEO is very important for both developers and bloggers to rank their websites. With the help of an SEO Plugin, you can do SEO on your website well. In this keyword, meta Description, SEO Title, Tags, etc facility has been already given.

IV. Low Cost

To create a website on WordPress there is no need to spend much money. In WordPress many features of its provided for free, only you have to pay for Hosting and Domain. On WordPress, you can create an online shopping website for only 10-15 thousand rupees. For creating any kind of website, if you go to any developer he will charge you very much

V. Most sites use WordPress CMS

You can be noticed that most of the bloggers are used WordPress and some the blogger of their blog has also started migrating to WordPress. According to one report, more than 30% of people around the world have started using WordPress.

VI. Lots of Plugin Options

The plugin is a very important thing in WordPress. There is the most important role play of plugging whether you create a contact form or an online shopping site.

How to create a website on WordPress

After taking small steps, you can make your’s website on WordPress.

These septs are as follow:-

  1. Select WordPress.
  2. Set up your domain name and Hosting provider.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Select your theme.
  5. posts and pages to your website.
  6. Customize your website.
  7. Install plugins.
  8. Optimize your website to increase page speed.
  9. Get inspired by the WordPress website example.

Now, we know how WordPress is popular CMS today, it is very easy to use for everyone. WordPress can use on majority levels and businessmen also create a website that works for their needs. Here’s how can create a website let’s see.

1. Select a WordPress– To begin making your website, select a WordPress plan. With WordPress.org you have only one free plan option gets. But, it’s required to buy your domain name, hosting provider, plugins, themes, etc related to your WordPress site.

2. Set up your Domain name and hosting provider– After working out your account and purchasing your domain name, you will come by to access your hosting dashboard where you will be able to install the WordPress CMS.

3. Install WordPress– if you make use of a hosting provider outside of WordPress, you will need to install the CMS to fix your new domain to your website.

4. Choose your theme – WordPress applies a default theme that looks plain. But, if you want to customize your WordPress website using WordPress and templates like layouts, formatting style, color, fonts, and other visual options.

5. Add posts and pages to your website – when you want a post page to serve as the homepages of your website. a post to your website, go to the admin dashboard, click posts and then add a new one.

6. Customize your website – In WordPress there are many ways to customize your website.

Let’s customize your site title. From your admin dashboard, select Settings> General. add your website title and tagline. Here you can also toggle other basic site information like URL, E-Mail, Time Zone, etc.

7. Install plugins – Plugin is software that adds functionality to your WordPress website. like HubSpot WordPress plugins.

8. Optimize your website to increase page speed – website performance is a reproving part 0f the user experience. If a page takes time to load and the user moves to another site. If you don’t want to bitterness visitors with slow speed. Then you should work on the website’s performance by enabling browser caching. That way the content does not need to be sent from the web server for it to appear in the browser, and this increases the website speed.

9. Get inspired from a WordPress website example – you being to customize your website, you may feel flooded by all the options you have, but it helps to carry some inspiration from another exemplary WordPress website.

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